Cleveland RTX ZipCore Wedge Review

Cleveland RTX ZipCore Wedge Review
Cleveland RTX ZipCore Wedge Review

Cleveland RTX ZipCore Wedge Review

Cleveland RTX ZipCore Wedge
Grade: A+
Teacher’s Comments: A LOT of spin. Consistent.

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Cleveland golf recently sent one of their RTX ZipCore Wedges for review.

The model I tested is a 56 degree wedge with 12 degrees of bounce and a graphite Rotex wedge-flex shaft. I’ve played a number of Cleveland Wedges over the years. The RTX ZipCore is by far my favorite.

Indeed, it might be my favorite wedge, period.

RTX Zip Core Internals

What sets the RTX ZipCore apart from other wedges is its internal construction. Instead of regular steel, the ZipCore is a low density material that lets Cleveland’s mad scientists shift the remaining weight around to produce an optimal center of gravity. That’s important when you’re dialing in the perfect ball flight. A tad too low and the ball balloons. A little too high and ball flight will be too flat.

For my swing, the RTX ZipCore has the center of gravity in just the right place. It’s got enough up, with a good amount of toward. It’s also very consistent. I don’t think I’ve hit a skulled shot or pop-up since I’ve put it in play. I still have trouble with bunker shots, but that’s the Indian, not the arrow.

Zip Core Grooves

Another key feature of the RTX ZipCore is its UltiZip grooves. Cleveland claims that they are the deepest and sharpest they have produced. In addition, Cleveland has managed to squeeze two more grooves into the wedge face.

The result is a wedge with crazy amounts of spin. I have never had one that could make a ball stop so quickly. In this case, it’s the arrow, not the Indian. I put it in play alongside a Titleist wedge I had in the garage, and it produced nothing like the spin of the RTX ZipCore.

Nor was I able to get the same consistent results.

From address, the RTX ZipCore has a clean, sharp look. There’s actually a bit of a bulge just behind the top edge that I assume is there for weight distribution. It does not, however, show up in the sight lines.

The final feature of the RTX ZipCore is one that there’s no real way to test at this point. Cleveland says that it has increased the durability of the wedge by heating it to align the 8620 carbon steel’s grain structure. The test of that will be whether the club still is a favorite in a couple of years.

I will note, however, that wedges are the one club where I have seen wear have a deleterious effect. I hit other clubs more often — my putter, or my driver for example. Perhaps even my eight iron. For some reason, those don’t seem to suffer from use. Perhaps with a wedge the issue is that small changes in the sharp, narrow grooves have a large effect on spin rate and precision.

If you’re in the market for a new wedge, the RTZ ZipCore should be on your list to try. For what it’s worth, I recommend a club fitting. I was fit for a wedge with 12 degrees of bounce a couple of years ago (changing from 10 degrees) and it was like turning on a light in a dark room. I was instantly better. if you get that club fitting, make sure you have the fitter include the RTZ ZipCore in the mix.

This one stays in the bag.

The Cleveland RTX ZipCore Wedge Review was first published on on September 7, 2020.

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