Cleveland CG10 Black Pearl Wedge

CLEVELAND CG10 Black Pearl Wedge

Cleveland’s wedges are justifiably considered among the best in the industry. I’ve got a couple of older Cleveland gap and sand wedges and have had a great deal of success with them.

The Cleveland CG10 Black Pearl Wedge is Cleveland’s latest offering, and it was a 2006 Golf Digest Editor’s Choice. The wedge is constructed with a carbon metal matrix allow that allows Cleveland to put more mass behind the sweet spot. It’s said to be the best feeling wedge Cleveland has yet produced.

One thing that I really like about the Cleveland Wedges are the gunmetal finishes that reduce glare at address. There’s something about the black finish that says “I mean business”. I’d like to see some companies offer a black finish on entire sets of irons.

Cleveland’s wedge comes in a choice of three bounces: A low bounce for shots from tight lies and firm turf conditions, a standard bounce that’s best for multiple types of conditions, and a high bounce for soft turf conditions and sand shots. The high bounce also works well for players with a steep swing, becuase its less likely to take huge chunks of turf.

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4 thoughts on “Cleveland CG10 Black Pearl Wedge”

  1. We have had several Cleveland Wedges in the family and as the kids left so did the wedges. I need to get one or two new ones as I am out except for a short one my son used when he was young.

  2. I just wanted to let everyone know that I found a good deal on these wedges at  They are some of the best wedges I have ever hit.  The amount of spin I get out of them is just amazing.  But be careful, they make you a little cocky that you can make it stop from anywhere.


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