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David Toms performance at the Accenture Match Play Championship has opened many people’s eyes to the possibilities of using fairway woods in place of long irons. Toms is, of course, most famous for his 5-wood shot at the PGA a couple of years ago.

Cleveland Golf, Toms’ sponsor has released a new line of utility clubs called the Halo. Halo, they say, stands for High Angle Lift Off.

Cleveland says that the club’s

Higher MOI and lower CG than traditional long irons allows for maximum forgiveness on off center hits resulting in higher and straighter shots every time. Easy to hit off the tee on tight par fours and excellent for long approach shots that require a soft landing. Higher C.O.R. than traditional long irons that will produce shots 5 to 10 yards longer.

I’m a big fan of taking the long irons out of the bag. A “6” is my longest iron. And these look nice.

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Look for Cleveland Golf HALO Utility Clubs at Global Golf

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3 thoughts on “Cleveland Golf Halo Utility Club”

  1. The Golf Channel’s What’s In The Bag reports that he’s using a Cleveland Quadpro 19 degree. That’s a newer club. It also reports that the one he used in the PGA had a bimatrix shaft; the current one apparently does not.

    No, it’s not a utility wood. But the idea of replacing irons with woods *is* catching on.


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