Closing Out November At Green Oaks Golf Course

November At Green Oaks Golf CourseOn the last day of November 2017, I managed to squeeze in a quick nine at my favorite local track, Green Oaks in Ypsilanti. It was 49 degrees and windy, but with the sun out, it felt warmer than it actually was.

I’d like to say that I played well, but that would not be the truth. For the first six holes, I hit the ball with glancing blows that shot off dead right into trouble. Good chipping, pitching and putting were the only things between me and a score of epic proportions. By the seventh, however, I had remembered to tuck my elbow on the downswing and finish the turn through. My shots improved rapidly after that.

I was glad for the relatively warm weather, for it gave me a chance to test the Wilson Duo Optix golf balls and TecTecTec Laser Rangefinder that I am currently reviewing. There have been many years here in Michigan when November snows brought a sudden and decisive end to my season.

Weather forecasts here suggest that temperatures will remain in the upper 40s and lower 50s through the middle of next week, so it is likely that I will get in a December round as well. I hope that is the case, for it will extend a streak of consecutive months played in Michigan to 35. Some of those rounds were played with snow still on the ground, but I was never alone on the course. Michigan breeds more than its share of dedicated (crazy), hardy golfers.

Nine was all I had time for. By the time I was at the turn, the moon was out.





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