Club Saver Review

Club Saver
Club Saver

Club Saver
Grade: C
Teacher’s Comments: It works as designed, but I’m not sure it is needed.

The Club Saver is designed to protect the shafts and heads of clubs when the headcovers are off. The Club Saver is constructed from a closed-cell foam in a C-shape. This lets you quickly clip the Club Saver off and on.

club saver open side

The idea behind the Club Saver is that it is easier to take on and off than a headcover. I have to admit that when I am forced to ride a cart, I tend to leave my driver headcover in the cart basket. But I’m not convinced that that the Club Saver would be a significant improvement.

Bottom line: The Club Saver works as designed, but I’m not at all sure that it is needed.

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