Cobra Amp Cell Pro Driver

Cobra Men’s Amp Cell Pro Driver

I’m seriously thinking about getting a new driver, and the Cobra Amp Cell pro is high on my list. It’s gotten great reviews, and boasts a low spin rate—one thing I’m convinced that I need. I also like the fact that the adjustable hosel has a setting for a fade. When I miss badly with a driver, it is most often with a hook. A fade setting could work to bring it back to the fairway.

At this point, I’m trying to clear a space in my too-full schedule to find the time to get to a place where I can test one to see what it does to my spin rate.

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4 thoughts on “Cobra Amp Cell Pro Driver”

  1. Our local range had their big demo-day last weekend and I took the Amp Cell for a ride purely because I had never considered Cobra clubs before. WOW. Great ball flight, super easy to work the ball (both ways) and even more impressive was how good the stock shaft felt.

    The only downside was that we were hitting into a small gale during that day so I’ll have to go back and do another test round soon. Hats off to Puma/Cobra for this offering though.


  2. You won’t regret picking up one of these drivers. I’ve had my Cobra AMP Cell for about 6 months now and haven’t looked back. It’s got a great feel off the clubface and distance wise it’s up with the best drivers today.

    I’d recommend it to any golfer.

  3. Actually it’s the regular model but it looks almost identical. Mine has the Fujikura Cell Stiff Shaft.

    What’s impressed me has been the high launch angle I’ve been getting compared to the Callaway Razr Fit I used to use.



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