Cobra Baffler Three Wood Review


Cobra Baffler T-Rail Fairway Wood at Global Golf
Grade: A
Teacher’s Comments: Versatile

The Cobra Baffler is one of the most versatile fairway metals I’ve had the pleasure of testing. From tight lies, lush fairways and middlin’ rough, this three wood gets the ball out and up and on its way to the target.

I mention the variety of conditions because my general experience with fairway metals has been that most work just fine when the ball is sitting pretty. Outside of that, some have face and sole designs that work well on tight lies, while others let you dig it out of the grass. My trusty TaylorMade TP is good off thin areas, but not as effective out of the rough. That’s what my 4-iron is for.

The Cobra Baffler on the other hand somehow manages to play both sides of the fence (or fairway, as it were). The combination of a shallow face and the tungsten rail on the sole work absolutely perfectly to create a versatile, highly playable fairway metal. I have used it to punch a ball off bare dirt, and dig it out of deep grass. And from all the situations I tried, I got impressive distance, high trajectory and solid accuracy.

This is not the longest three wood I’ve ever hit. GPS readings on my limited sampling of shots put it short of what I expect from my TaylorMade TP and both of those are short of the Adams Speedline I tested earlier this summer. But distance is useless if you can’t use the club because the ball is on less than ideal ground.

The Baffler sets up nicely. I have always liked shallow face fairway woods—for some reason they give me more confidence that I’ll get the ball up and out. The club also has a nice heft. It somehow feels heavier than my TP, giving the impression that it’ll plow right through intervening rough.

Visually, I find the club quite attractive. While I was not initially sold on the greenish-yellow alignment lines and highlights against the black head, they grew on me. I’ve even grown to like the yellow-green grips.

Because of the versatility of the Cobra Baffler and the ease with which it gets the ball into the air, I would recommend this club primarily for mid to high handicappers (that is to say, most of us). Players who have previously struggled with woods will find the Baffler a useful tool. Better players, however, may want a fairway wood with a more boring trajectory.

If you’re in the market for new fairway woods—or if you struggle to hit the ones currently in your bag— I recommend giving the Cobra Bafflers a try.



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