Cobra ZL Encore Driver

Cobra Men’s ZL Encore Red Driver

Cobra’s ZL Encore driver features E9 face technology with dual roll and multi-material construction. The E9 face is an elliptical design designed to catch more mis-hits on the sweet spot. Roll is a term for a curvature of a club’s faceIn the Encores’ case, the face actually has two curve diameters, one to produce optimum launch for above the equator hits, another for below the equator.

Multi-material construction in the Encore’s case consists of a carbon fibe sole and crown, high strength titanium in the face and aluminum in the hosel sleeve. This materials design enables re-positioning of up to 35 grams of mass to optimize center of gravity (CG) while maintaining high moment of inertia (MOI).

Finally, as with so many recent designs, this one is adjustable, with settings for open, closed and neutral faces.

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5 thoughts on “Cobra ZL Encore Driver”

  1. I was thinking my next driver would be the Callaway X-Hot.  After further review, I am more leaning toward the Cobra AMP Cell.  It is a fully adjustable driver, that sells with one head configuration, but adjusts from 8.5 degree to 11.5, with two draw settings as well at 9.5 and 10.5.  Plus it comes in Scarlet, like all the best college teams do.

  2. Nice looking Driver, I’m wondering how it compares to Cobra’s AMP Cell version which I have?

    If it’s just as good or an improvement than it’s well worth trying!

  3. Hmm.  Just spent part of lunch at the Golfsmith.  Comparing the AMP Cell to my Burner Superfast (black). 

    Verdict – The AMP Cell doesn’t hurt me.  spin is down, that’s good.  Dispersion was better with the Superfast.  Distance was slightly better witht he Burner, but could also be attributed to the quality and speed diminished the more I hit, and I started with the Burner.  I also know the setup for the Burner so well.  All the drives I hit were in the fairway.

    He told me what I know too, is that I have such a flat plane I am not getting good height – so I bumped the AMP Cell on a third set to 11.5 (from 10.5).  While I flew higher, and slightly longer, I wouldn’t get the roll and total distance was shorter.  But I still like that it is fully adjustable. 

    So I don’t have to have it today.  I want it for the look and the adjustability.  He wants me to try the R1, but I just don’t like that much (nor the price).  He also suggested the Callaway X-Hot, but I hit that in the bay a few weeks back and I don’t think the numbers were that close to the AMP Cell or the Burner, it certainly wasn’t better. 

    He did confirm one thing for me about the flex too.  I tend to like stiff in the woods (I have shifted to regular in irons) – because anything else feels too floppy.  I didn’t tell him that, but he said that he recommened (even with 90 mph swing) – that with my tempo and transistion, that I shouldn’t shift off stiff shafts (awesome alliteration).

  4. Well I ordered a new one.  This one, the ZL Encore Red – just like in the picture except mine will say 10.5 on it.

    I played Friday with the X-Hot – and it was ok, but I really think on a couple of the drives where I cranked it pretty good, it came up no better than my Taylormade Superfast.

    More research on Golfwrx and the reviews, and found that the numbers for the ZL Encore are a bit better than the AMP Cell, with increased distance, and reduced spin.  Reviews also indicated it was more forgiving than the AMP Cell.

    Went to Golfsmith today and while they didn’t have the config I wanted, they did have a 9.5 degree with the shaft I wanted in the used bin, so I tried it out in the bay and sure enough, spin is down 1200 rpm from my Superfast.  Distance was the same, even though a degree lower – with the 10.5, I should be doing even better. 

    Ordered on Amazon, should have it Thursday and be gaming it on Friday.


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