Colonial Traditions: The Plaid Jacket


The Crowne Plaza Invitational and the Colonial Country Club are full of traditions, one of which is the plaid jacket awarded to its Champions.

During my 2010 visit to the Crowne Plaza Invitational, Mrs. Golfblogger and I were treated to the traditional quail breakfast while listening to a talk by Tournament Director Chuck Scherer on the history of the club, and on the signature red plaid jackets.

Members’ jackets extend back to the Colonial’s beginnings in 1936, when founder Marvin Leonard decided the club needed a jacket such as those worn by the members at Augusta. The original jacket was blue, but Leonard switched to a plaid, which he said reminded him of when he had played in Scotland. The fabric is a real Scottish tartan, and has SEVENTEEN colors in it.

The members wear them for the tournament (and I assume on other important occasions) and they’re not nearly as garish in person as they seem in many photos.

The plaid has been continuously in use, and awarded to tournament winners with one exception. The club went back to the blue for one year in honor of the tournament’s 30th anniversary.

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