Condi Joins A Golf Club—But It’s Not Augusta

In spite of some speculation that former Secretary of State—and The GolfBlogger’s first choice for President—Condi Rice would be invited to join Augusta National, she has instead joined Greystone Golf & Country Club and Shoal Creek golf clubs in Alabama.

Is this the first salvo in a push for elected office in her home state? I hope so.

Shoal Creek, by the way, is the golf club that became infamous for its all-white membership just prior to hosting the PGA Championship. The club subsequently invited local businessman Louis Willie to join, integrating the club. That incident forced the PGA and the PGA Tour to take a serious look at minority inclusion in the sport of golf. The Tour subsequently developed rules requiring host clubs to be integrated.

There’s a bit of a statement in Condi’s new membership in that club.

Just a thought. When Condi becomes president, and the Democrats oppose her policies, will it be because the Democrats are racist, or sexist?

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