Consumer Warning On 90 Day Free Golf Club Test

The Idaho Statesman has a consumer warning on a company that is offering a 90 Day Free Golf Club Test program.

With the program, consumers are given the chance to try out golf clubs for 90 days. To get the clubs, though, you have to provide a credit card number, and your card is charged at the time of the agreement. The theory is that if you like the clubs, you keep them for the retail price; if don’t like the clubs after 90 days, you can return them.
However, golfers who have tried to return the clubs before 90 days have been refused; the company insists that you use the full 90.

Why? It turns out that most credit card companies have a 60 day window for credit disputes. So if you wait more than 90 days after the initial charge, you are stuck with the clubs and the bill.

The clubs, no doubt, are horribly overpriced.

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