Promote Your Product Or Service On GolfBlogger

GolfBlogger is one of the highest rated independent golf sites on the internet, with thousands of daily visitors. There are several ways to get a mention and promote your site or product on Golf Blogger:

1) Submit any press releases through the contact form.

2) Send a sample of your product, copy of your book, etc. for review. There’s no guarantee of a good review, but as you will see on this blog, I am generally a positive person — so you’ll get a more than fair hearing. How fast I review your product is another story … if its a book, it may be a while, since my reading list is getting large. If it’s golf equipment, remember that I live in Michigan, and the weather affects my ability to do anything. (Although if there’s no snow on the ground, I usually do play no matter how cold it is).

You can send your items to:

Golf Blogger
4007 Carpenter Road #225
Ypsilanti, MI 48197

Make sure you let me know via the contact form, that something is coming, and I’ll be in touch.

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