Cooler Disguised As Shoe Bag Kickstarter

I don’t see many golf projects on Kickstarter, but here’s one: A cooler disguised as a shoe bag.

3 thoughts on “Cooler Disguised As Shoe Bag Kickstarter”

  1. That’s a dude who loves his soda.

    Good luck to this guy…  I would think that most golfers with much concern would get a Sun Mountain C-130, or one of the other bags which has a significant insulated section to it.  Hope this has enough of a market for this guy.  Not sure how much insulation that bag has, didn’t look thick enough to keep ice cold for 4 hours in 90+ degree weather. 

    I would rather see a duffel type sport bag which is a cooler inside.  Almost all mid-size coolers I see clearly look like coolers with some sort of rigidity to the sides of them. 

    Thankfully, even though my club has a “don’t bring it in”, it isn’t enforced at all.

  2. I guess I’ve missed the business model on this one.  I like tipping the cart girl so she comes back again.  I don’t drink beer on the course (water or occasional sports drinks) so just don’t need that big a bag to carry.  I walk, back to the don’t need to carry.

    Now, a nice classy silver flask for a warming tipple on the late fall early winter rounds…. now you’ve got my attention.


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