Could Woods Win Twelve By February?

Jeff Rude of GolfWeek lays out a reasonable scenario for Tiger winning twelve in a row—and tying Byron Nelson’s record—by February 2007.

Given Rude’s scenario, I think it’s actually possible.

Rude begins with the obvious —that Tiger would begin by winning the the WGC American Express in England the week after the Ryder Cup, the FUNAI Classic at Disney and the Tour Championship—three tournaments he has won in the past. Given Tiger’s prediliction for repeat wins, that’s not a stretch.

That takes him to eight by the end of the season.

He then wins the Mercedes and the Buick Invitationals in January—again, tournaments he has won before.

That’s ten.

The next two are more problematic. He is scheduled to play at Riviera in the Nissan Open next. But he has never won there before. Not a good sign for Mr. Repeat Performance.

And assuming he wins that, he would then have to win the World Match Play in Tuscon—a tough assignment where one off day ruins his chances at number 12. Rude suggests that if an opportunity to tie Nelson’s record presents itself, Woods might add the FBR to his schedule before that.

I’ve got another suggestion. How about playing the Sony in Hawaii? He’s already be there after the Mercedes, and he could stay on his floating palace. Just have someone go drive it out to meet him.

The Buick would then be his eleventh victory. He could tie at Riviera and then choose to play the FBR or the Match play for the new record.

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