Creamer Backs Her Boast

As noted in an earlier post, Paula Creamer pulled a Joe Namath and guaranteed a victory in this past weekend’s Solheim Cup.

Like Broadway Joe, she held up her end, and her team won over the Europeans 15 1/2 – 12 1/2 .

A couple of interesting notes, if you missed them on tv.

In one match, both of the players—Laura Diaz and Iben Tinning of Denmark—are pregnant.

42-year-old Meg Mallon was hospitalized after collapsing during the closing ceremonies. Her heart rate reportedly was at 266 beats a minute. Earlier in the day Sunday, Mallon had defeated Karen Stupples to choke off a European charge.

The three American rookies, Paula Creamer (age 19), Christina Kim (21) and Natalie Gulbis (22) went a combined 8-3-2.

Gulbis still hasn’t won on the LPGA tour and has taken her share of criticism for her cheesecake calendar. Her performance in the Solheim Cup shows that it’s only a matter of time until she breaks through. She’s a player.

At the last Solheim Cup—as a fan—Creamer carried Julie Inkster’s bag for one hole during a practice round. This time around, she played with Inkster in an alternate shot match.

Creamer was the youngest player in Solheim Cup history. She set records for most birdies (seven) in a singles match and best front-nine score (30).

And finally, a thought: new LPGA Commissioner Carolyn Bivens has an unprecedented opportunity to make the LPGA the first women’s sport to grab our national attention (mud wrestling and the WNBA not withstanding). She absolutely has to capitalize on the bright young faces to promote the sport. These girls should have their smiling faces plastered everywhere a golf fan might dwell.

As a high school girls golf coach, I can’t think of anything more inspiring for our young players.

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