Creamer, Other Young Stars Can Change LPGA’s Fortunes

USA Today has an article on how Paula Creamer, Moran Pressel and Michelle Wie could change the face of the golf business.

“I think the appeal of the LPGA has broadened,” says Dan Murphy, senior director of marketing for Bridge-stone Golf. “We compare it to tennis when the Williams sisters brought a lot of attention to their sport.”

The LPGA has, of course, had periods with a crew of talented stars—Nancy Lopez, Beth Daniel, and so forth, but somehow they didn’t translate into marketability. This round could be different:

Larry Dorman, who wrote about the players in the 1970s and ‘80s before joining Callaway Golf, believes this group has two things that make the players good representatives for a golf company.

“If you do a survey on what moves product, it’s exposure and excitement,” says Dorman, Callaway’s senior vice president for global public relations. “There’s a real good chance there will be excitement on the LPGA this year.”



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