Cuban Cigar Hub Offers News, Notes and History

cuban cigarThe Cuban Cigar is legendary, perhaps all the more so because they have been unavailable (legally) in the United States for more than half a century. However, as relations between the United States and Cuba take the first tentative steps toward normalization, the prospect of smoking a Cuban cigar is on the horizon.

To get today’s cigar lovers up to speed on “Cubans,” Cigar Hub has launched the Cuban Cigars Hub. The subsite features a timeline of US-Cuba relations, a news section covering the developing relationship between Cuba and the United States, and descriptions of leading Cuban Heritage Cigars.

The Heritage Cigar section was particularly interesting. These cigars are premium brands that — while made in the Dominican Republic, Honduras and Nicaragua — share the same nameplate as their Cuban counterparts. Among those: The Romeo y Julieta, Cohibo red dot, Saint Luis Rey, and Montecristo Relentless.

There’s also a feature on detecting counterfeit Cuban cigars.

Interesting stuff.

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