Curv Convex Putter

The Curv Convex putter a new approach to putting—and one that makes sense to me. Instead of a flat face, the Curv Convex’s face is … well … convex. This means that on off-center hits, the ball still will travel on the intended line. According to the manufacturer, a flat face Putter with 3 degrees of error will miss the center of the cup by 2” at ONLY 3 FEET. (3 degrees = thickness of a human hair); 3 degrees using the CURV will remain on center 20+ feet.

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3 thoughts on “Curv Convex Putter”

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  2. I recently purchased the curv putter. After using it several times and several different ways, I didn’t notice an improvement in putting, in fact the reverse was true. I went back to my old putter


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