Dakoda Dowd Misses Cut But Still Wins

imageSponsors can do whatever they want with their exemptions, and in the inaugural Ginns Open, the sponsors decided to invite 13-year-old Dakoda Dowd, whos dying mother’s dream is to see her play on the LPGA Tour.

Predictably, Dowd missed the cut, but the Ginns people surprised her family with a replica of the tournament trophy.

Very, very classy.

Actually, for a 13-year-old not named Wie, Dowd didn’t do that poorly. She shot a two-over 74 on Thursday and an 82 on Friday to miss by two.

But what I find incredible is that she performed as well as she did under that kind of pressure. Her mother is dying of breast and bone cancer and has perhaps a couple of months to live. Her dying wish is to see her little girl play on the LPGA.

As a teacher, I can tell you that it’s tough enough being 13 years old. But to have to deal with your mother’s impending death and her LPGA fantasy would be too much for a most. And to have to deal with it in front of millions on tv …

My hat’s off to Ginns and the LPGA for offering a very remarkable girl the chance to give her mother a glimpse of a dream.

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