Daly Signs With Maxfli – TaylorMade Update

A couple of weeks ago, the GolfBlogger noted that John Daly had signed to play the MaxFli ball, and TaylorMade Irons and metalwoods.

But there were a few questions: Why was Daly still on the Dunlop website? What’s up with the Focus Golf deal? What about putters and wedges?

Since then, I’ve learned a few things from GolfWeek Magazine, and from other sources:

First, it turns out that endorsement deals don’t generally include putters and wedges. Daly therefore is free to play whatever putters and wedges he wants. But it seems that he has gone whole hog (or Razorback) with TaylorMade and also uses their wedges and putters (although not contractually obligated to do so).

Second, while FocusGolf is putting out a Daly line of clubs, he apparently won’t be playing with any of them. My guess is that it’s intended for an entirely different market and that it doesn’t bother TaylorMade at all.

And finally, it seems that Daly’s picture has come down from the Dunlop website. But there’s still a video of him endorsing the company’s products.

I’m guessing that Dunlop is trying to push this thing as far as possible.

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2 thoughts on “Daly Signs With Maxfli – TaylorMade Update”

  1. I would think that this is a good move for Daly.  I would think that the TaylorMade support will be better than what he got from Dunlop.  I would also guess that the MaxFli Blackmax is better than that Dunlop pro ball.

    Once his wife is sprung in June or so, I hope Daly can clear his head enough to win a tournament or two.  I was desperately updating the leaderboard yesterday as he was close to making the cut only to be disappointed.  But improvement over last week—My guess is he will be playing in the Players next Saturday and Sunday.

  2. So right after posting that last comment, I went to the Daly website, and his news items list that in March 2006 he signed a 15 year extention with Focus Golf to continue the Daly clubs.  That contract deal was listed after the TaylorMade/Maxfli news item from February. 

    BTW, last week I was at a course in Collierville and saw a Blue/Yellow JD bag at the bag drop in the parking lot.  I got fairly excited that he might be playing about the same time as me, until I saw some teenager pick up the bag to go play his round.


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