Daly Sits Out US Open

John Daly will sit out the US Open, rather than qualify. I’m disappointed. I’d love to see him play there again.Full story here.

1 thought on “Daly Sits Out US Open”

  1. Honestly, I don’t see what people like about john daly. What’s his appeal? He’s a big whining baby – he reminds me of the majority of NBA and MLB players complaining about how hard it is to make millions a year playing a game all of the time for your living. John Daly is always a victim, in his mind, and I can’t stand that about him.

    Of course, I’m sure people don’t like the same golfers I like and follow (Phil, Tom Watson, Hank Kuehne, Annika, Angela Stanford, a few others), and I don’t expect them to, but again, I just don’t understand what it is about daly that people like…


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