Daly’s Wife Alleges Cover Up

The Memphis Commercial Appeal is reporting that:

Golfer John Daly scratched his own face last week to cover up his sexual assault of his wife and then falsely reported that she attacked him with a knife, Sherrie Daly said in court papers filed Monday.

According to the Appeal, Daly denied the allegations:

Reached Monday, John Daly said, “It’s just not true, Bub. It’s just not true. That’s all I can say.” Asked if he planned to file criminal charges, he said, “Let’s just go with that. Nah. It’s just not true. She did what she did, and that’s all I can say right now.”

You can read the story here.

There’s also a fairly damning editorial that appeared in the Appeal on Saturday, before the latest allegations surfaced.

I don’t know that to think about all of this. I sympathize with Big John—mostly because I have a good friend who has gone through a series of bad divorces and bad women, all of whom have taken advantage of him. He’s been robbed by, and assaulted by these women, and had to get restraining orders. And he doesn’t seem to be able to stop making bad decisions—even when his friends tell him he’s about to make another. (I should also point out that he doesn’t have Daly’s millions, or the alcohol problems, either).

But I suppose that the police will sort all of this out. I would think that they could tell in very short order whether the wounds on Daly’s face are self-inflicted or not. And a medical examiner should be able to tell if there is evidence of sexual assault.

It’s all very sad.

Thanks to reader Martin for the heads up.



3 thoughts on “Daly’s Wife Alleges Cover Up”

  1. Well I really hope that his story is true, but it is bad for their kids in any case.  The Saturday editorial was spot on.

    JD’s demons are made all that more upsetting by the fact that so many folks who really know him know that he is a really good guy with a big heart but that these demons have a terrible hold on him.  There probably isn’t a sports celebrity who gives more of himself to charity and to those less fortunate.  Tiger or Arnold or others might give more money, but there is a lot more there to give.

  2. Bad women and bad divorces are more common then most men realize…thank heaven for Golf.

    I am also gonna wait before passing judgment on John. Truthfully, I believe him.

  3. Ok, gets weirder every day.  Tuesday, Daly and wife and lawyers met and neither has plans to file criminal charges, and while they are not discussing reconciliation, both wish to quiet down the news on this.  Sherrie Daly appearantly is no longer seeking exclusive access to the Southwind home, and both will have complete access for now, as well as shared responsibility of caring for the kids.  It looks from this article that they will be staying in the house together, but that might be a misinterpretation. 


    I believe that in addition to his Arkansas ranch, Daly has additional property in Memphis, although some of the property listed in his name might just be occupied by one of those 3 exes.


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