The Dangers of Winter Golf

Here in Michigan, I have played a great deal of winter golf, but not once did it occur to me to play a ball off a frozen lake. This is why. Ice is treacherous, and something like this puts you in contention for a Darwin Award. The dangers of winter golf are not to be underestimated.

Dangers of Winter GolfI have, however, taken full advantage of frozen lakes. At the Washtenaw Country Club, the short par four sixteenth has a lake fronting the green. On a summer day, the play is to lay up well short of the pond, then lob a ball into the green with a wedge. During one winter round, I hit a driver off the tee, figuring that the combined effect of cold equipment and restricted movement from my parka would still leave me well short of the pond. I was wrong. The ball flew right to the edge of the water, hit ice, then skipped across the surface to the green. One putt. Eagle.


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