Darth Vader Golf Bag and Clubhead Cover


Darth Vader Golf Bag


Darth Vader Clubhead Cover

Ridiculous Golf Items Of The Week

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2 thoughts on “Darth Vader Golf Bag and Clubhead Cover”

  1. Ok, first ridiculous.

    Second, it wouldn’t go well with my NCC-1701 Enterprise Putter.  Hopefully Golfsmith with that Star Trek license will get our a Tour Trek bag (one of their private lines) which is Star Trek inspired.

    Third, Why in the world didn’t they go all the way, and make the travel cover with a hard plastic top with a helmet of Darth Vader (or the Stormtrooper for the other bag)?

  2. I am interested in purchasing a Darth Vader Golf Bag. Can u send me information on how to purchase one and the price.


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