David Duval Update

Josh Peters has the latest update on the player formerly known as David Duval. He’s still working his return to the game.

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1 thought on “David Duval Update”

  1. The start of most golf seasons find me searching for my game after a three or four month break.  Typically I struggle in the first couple weeks of the new season and the doubts start to creep in.  I think to myself, “Is this the year that I will be like Ian Baker-Finch or David Duval and completely lose my game?  Will I ever make another birdie?  Will I ever hit a drive in the fairway or an approach on the green again?”

    Fortunately for me, I always find my game, mediocre as it is.  It must be incredibly disheartening for a golfer of Duval’s caliber to have to ask himself similar questions and have no answers.

    There seems to be a fine line between a very good golfer and a successful professional golfer.  Many pros lose something along the way and rarely are they able to get it back.  DD appears to fit that pattern.  While I wish him well, my expectation is that he will never win again and DD will eventually fade from the scene.


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