December Golf In Michigan

December Golf In Michigan
December Golf In Michigan

Yesterday, I got out after work for a quick nine. It was overcast, windy and just 42° F. But it was wonderful.

Golf in December in Michigan is a rare and fleeting thing. There have been many years in my memory when snow covers the ground by Halloween, and in most by Thanksgiving. That the forecast for the next week calls for sunny skies and temperatures in the upper 40s/ low 50s is an unexpected treat. Naturally, I plan to play as many days as possible.

The key to golf in this weather is proper clothing. Today, I sported a pair of heavy chinos, sweatshirt and wool Stetson.  My push cart has a pair of Cart Mitts attached and I had Zippo Hand Warmers tucked inside. I play without gloves so the cart mitt and hand warmers are important. Fleece Ear Warmers, complete the outfit.

I colder weather I use a Mobile Warming Vest, which heats up via a small battery. That, and a sweatshirt is all I need with weather into the low 40s. When it gets colder than that, I’ll add a pair of fleece lined chinos to the mix.

I keep spare balls tucked inside the mitts, and swap them out on each hole. I don’t know whether it actually does any good, but my theory is that it keeps them from getting too hard.

I don’t know whether Global Warming is true or not. I’ll leave that to actual scientists. What I DO know is that I’m in favor of it. Vote YES on Global Warming.

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