Defective Callaway Balls?


A reader recently purchased a pack of Callaway HX 56 balls and noticed a set of mysterious bumps in the hexes. I know that these balls are supposed to have six DEEPER dimples as a part of the HX 56 redesign of last year. The bumps have to be a manufacturing mistake. The question, of course, is whether this is an isolated case. Could there have been a batch error that resulted in tens of thousands of these being distributed?

The reader writes:

I have been playing Callaway X20 tour Irons and switched to the HX tour 56 ball. The other day a friend asked to see one do to there different dimples. I reached into my bag a gave him one. I knew it was NEW because I had not put my initials on the ball yet. He noticed some bumps on the ball. I found approx. 5 different bumps of different sizes. These bumps would make the ball roll untrue. I contacted Callaway via email sent them pictures of the ball,and they want the ball. I told them they must have a issue with their quality control. I paid $40 for a dozen and this is the first time I have ever seen a ball like this. They asked for me to call them and they would give me a address to send the ball so they can test it. I called and was on hold for a long time and hung up. Gee not even a, we would like to send you some balls and then could you please send us this irregular ball. I have since sent them a email back asking for address and no reply. I am very surprised and bothered by the way they are treating this. I told them with the way they are treating me maybe I should go back to playing Titleist.

This isn’t a Callaway Bash. I make no secret of my admiration of their HX Hot ball. But you have to wonder …

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  1. Hello Golfblogger,
    I recently had this same issue with a sleeve of Callaway HX Tour golf balls where it appeared the cover is separating from the first inner layer of the ball.  The outward dimples can be compressed with your finger and I was not sure how it would affect my ball flight or the putting.  I switched it out immediately with ProV1’s.  There quality control seems to be a step above the Callaways, and that’s too bad.

  2. Callaway needs to get on this ASAP.  I am surprised at the response the first person got (or didn’t get).  Is this just during the holidays?

    I have X-20s as well, and just got 3 new clubs at Christmas from Callaway Pre-owned,—anytime I have contacted Callaway or Callaway pre-owned I have received very good responses. 

    Perhaps the route should be to contact your local Callaway sales rep, or if the pro at the club/course where you play could contact him/her.  I know at my club, the Callaway guy is there at least once every week or so to ensure that the pros and members are all happy.  (I have also run into her at two golf stores, now I know what she looks like).


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