2 thoughts on “Defending Michelle Wie”

  1. I have an idea.. Let Michelle go play on a Champions Tour event.  When she gets within 10 strokes of being in 10th place of a Champions Tour event, then maybe she will be ready for the PGA. 

    But seriously, I don’t mind that she is playing the PGA events, and even if it did, I usually don’t start watching until Saturday, so I wouldn’t see her anyway.  I would think that it is really hard on her, being so out of place and so weak compared to her competition.  The thought that she would only win 20% in the LPGA compared to the PGA only applies if she was winning something in the PGA.  She can clearly win more placing in the top 10 of the LPGA than last place in the PGA events. 

    I would think that it will wear on Nike and her other sponsors that she is not on the networks.  I do think it is unfair to her competitors that all her highlights and lowlights are shown over and over to the exclusion of the men who actually are playing in the top 20.  Sooner or later this will end, and you won’t see Wie any more than you do see the other guys coming in at the back of the pack.


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