Detroit News On Rackham Golf Course

The Detroit News has a quick review of the Rackham Golf Course. The reviewer like it. I played a few years back and was mostly unimpressed. There’s also a bit of a misstatement in the article: while the course originally was a Donald Ross layout, it really hasn’t been since they drove the highway through. The expansion of I-696 resulted in the loss of 1, 2, 3 and 9, and led to a subsequent rerouting. Rackham thus is a Donald Ross in name only. I have a friend who played before the damage was done and in his opinion, it’s only a ghost of its former glory.

I’m surprised the News reporter didn’t mention the highway rerouting. Maybe he doesn’t know [insert commentary about the state of journalism here].

The clubhouse is still very cool, though.

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2 thoughts on “Detroit News On Rackham Golf Course”

  1. I found this in a trending topic on google this morning in Detroit News.

    Interesting history of the rerouting the holes.

    Fun course, I’ve always liked the back none much better then the front and now I know why….

    hit em straight golfblogger

  2. Donald Ross in name only? Holes 7-18 are all original Donald Ross.  True the first few holes were changed, however, the course remains a fine example of early architecture from a legend.  Rackham is one of the finest golf courses in the state and would be one of the best public tracks in the nation if they had the money/equipment to better condition the course.  Best cross bunkers in the state, and I’ve played them all.


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