Detroit’s Marygrove Adds Mens and Womens Golf

Detroit’s Marygrove College has added both Men’s and Women’s golf to their roster of NAIA athletics. The announcement follows on the heels of Marygrove’s launching their Urban Golf Project in partnership with Midnight Golf. That program will result in a Tom Doak designed practice facility in downtown Detroit.

From their press release on the teams:

DETROIT, Mich.-Marygrove College, a member of the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA), today announced the addition of men’s and women’s varsity golf programs to its growing slate of athletic offerings.

The golf programs, along with newly added men’s and women’s track and field teams, will begin competition in Fall 2010. An official search for a coach to direct the golf programs is underway


From their press release on Urban Golf and Midnight Golf:

Marygrove College is pleased to announce that it has partnered with Midnight Golf and world renowned golf course designer Tom Doak to build a state-of-the-art golf practice course for urban youth on its campus.

The “Urban Golf Project” will support Midnight Golf—a 30-week empowerment and mentoring experience to improve underserved young adults’ personal development, educational preparedness and appreciation of the game of golf —with a place to gather, learn and practice. The golf facility will offer a unique urban land-use plan, designed with the intent to incorporate state-of-the-art sustainability practices, such as minimalist site-impact, water conservation and environmentally conscious fertilization and maintenance. It will feature a large practice putting green, a large sand bunker, two practice tee areas to accommodate up to 26 hitting bays and a 4-hole short course. World renowned golf course architect, Tom Doak has committed to providing the design and construction oversight. Doak has designed over 30 courses worldwide, four of which are rated in the top 100 courses in the world.

I’ve never been to Marygrove, but perhaps they’ll invite the GolfBlogger for a tour when the facility is finished. I’d love to take a look and take some photos.

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2 thoughts on “Detroit’s Marygrove Adds Mens and Womens Golf”

  1. With talk of Detroit moving to “urban farming” (i.e., bulldoze all those abandoned crackhouses), there should be plenty of room in the city for more golf courses.

  2. Dave Bing, the new Mayor, is a study in courage. Therefore, he’s not likely to last long. Detroit has an estimated 40 square miles of abandoned land. But there are still small numbers of people living in pockets in that vast wasteland. That extends city services far beyond the city’s ability to cope. There are police patrols that cover dozens of blocks to protect just a few dozen people. So Bing wants to relocate those people in the population pockets to areas more densely populated and shut down the rest of the city.


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