Did Fred Make The Right Call?

President’s Cup Captain Fred Couples spent a Captain’s Pick on Tiger Woods a month ago, and earlier this week picked up Bill Haas with the other. That leaves rising star Keegan Bradley out of the mix. Was it a mistake?

I think it was—no matter how well Tiger plays in the President’s Cup. What Fred did was show his cards early and base his pick on a two year old reputation. In the last two years, Tiger hasn’t played well enough often enough to warrant a spot on the team.

Further, Tiger will be nothing but a distraction to a team that needs to meld in a very short time. That’s not entirely his fault (although he has a way of trying to steal media coverage, such as holding a press conference at the opening of the WGC Match Play, or announcing a caddy change the weekend of the Tour Championship). With Tiger there, every media question will focus on him. Other players on the team will have to field questions about Tiger. That’s not the way to build a team.

What do you think? Did Fred make the right call?

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