Disappointed With LaCosta?

I just had a friend return from a trip to the La Costa resort in Carlsbad, California. He had been bragging about getting the chance to make the trip, and having suffered through another cold snowy Michigan winter, I was more than a bit jealous.

But he wasn’t impressed with the golf there. His report: “It’s not very good by Michigan standards. If I’d paid thirty five for a course like that in Michigan, I’d have asked for my money back.”

It cost him $265.

His main complaint was with the condition of the fairways and greens. The fairways apparently were not in good shape, but he absolutely hated the greens, which he described as “really spongy.”

“If someone stepped on your line, you couldn’t putt because their footprint left a major indentation,” he said.

It all makes me feel better. First, that some of Michigan’s mid priced courses match up to a legendary place like La Costa. And second, I take perverse pleasure in the fact that he didn’t enjoy himself nearly as much as he thought he would.

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