Do I Need Cable or Satellite Television?

Like many, I’ve been closely examining my ever-increasing cable./satellite television bills and wondering if I really need all those channels. Amazon Prime, which I get for the free shipping bargain, has years worth of television that I have yet to see—such as old episodes of The Shield and Friday Night Lights—for free; and even more for twenty or so bucks a season. And now there are cheap internet streaming devices such as the $35 Google Chromecast HDMI Streaming Media Player. That device appears to offer a whole new world of Google Plus, Netflix and Hulu Plus programming. Netflix and Hulu Plus will run about $8 a month each, so even with both those subscriptions and the Amazon Prime it would still come out to less than half a cable or satellite bill.

Basic local channels are of course available free in HD via an antenna.

The big problem for me is sports. I need a cable or satellite subscription to get The Golf Channel, ESPN and now FOX 1 to get major golf events, college sports and the like.

So I’m wondering: Have any of my GolfBlogger readers cut the cords? How does it work out for sports fans?

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