Is Donald Trump A Member Of Any Significant Golf Clubs?

I’m wondering if Donald Trump is a member of any golf clubs of significance, outside his own holdings. That is, is he a member of Merion, Oakmont, Shinnecock, Baltusrol, et. al,?

I realize that this could quickly degenerate into a political donnybrook, but that’s not what I’m after. Before running for President, it was fairly well known that he was after USGA events for his own courses. I wonder just how deep his golfing roots run.

This is not to suggest that you can’t be a golfer with deep roots without belonging to one of the power clubs. It is just that it seems that a guy with his money and interest in golf probably¬†should belong to one of those.

I’ve looked for it myself, but my Google-Fu has somehow failed me on this one. If someone has some information, I’d appreciate something left in the comments.



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2 thoughts on “Is Donald Trump A Member Of Any Significant Golf Clubs?”

  1. Trump National – Colts Neck
    Winged Foot Golf Club
    Trump National G C, Jupiter
    Trump National GC Westchester
    Trump National GC Bedminster
    Trump International Golf Club
    Trump National, Washington DC

    According to GHIN,the above is a list of clubs at which Mr. Trump maintains a handicap (2.8). He rarely posts any scores.

  2. Thanks. I obviously did not think about checking where he posts handicaps.

    So the answer to my question is just one: Winged Foot. The others, while probably very nice (and perhaps even “Great. Great I tell you.”) are not what I’d call “significant” in the golf world.


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