Don’ts For Golfers Book Review

imageDon’ts for Golfers (Golf)

Don’ts For Golfers is a small (2” x 4”) fascimilie edition of a 1925 golf instruction book. It apparently was part of a series that also included Don’ts for Husbands and Don’ts for Wives.

It’s an interesting little tome that offers a glimpse of the golfing life in the 1920s.  The book covers driving, iron play, bunkers, mashie shots, bunkers, putting, faults, club selection, clubhouse behavior, clothes, on course behavior, caddies, first aid, fitness and many other topics.

Some of the advice is relative today.

Don’t move your head while making a shot.

Don’t try to cure a pull by developing a slice.

Others are quaintly cute:

Don’t wear a collar that is too high. Something about one inch in height is near enough the mark.

While still others refer to rules and clubs that no longer are part of the game:

Don’t grouse about stymies. They are part of the game.

Don’t forget that you cannot go too far into the sand with your niblick.

While I can’t see anyone seriously studying the volume, it does make for a bit of amusing reading. I think this would be perfect for a Christmas stocking stuffer.

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2 thoughts on “Don’ts For Golfers Book Review”

  1. I wish I had this book when I had started golfing.  Then I could have warn my trousers, high socks and dorky checkered sweater to all my matches. 


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