Dr. Oswald’s Professional Therapy Muscle Care Review

Dr. Oswald’s Professional Therapy Muscle Care Pain Relieving Gel, Extra Strength

Grade: A
Teacher’s Comments: Works as well—or better—than the brands you know, but feels to me less greasy.

The GolfBlogger’s back and neck are the victims of bad genetics. Everyone in my family has suffered from such, and most eventually have resorted to surgery. I’ve managed to avoid that last and actually get along quite well, thanks, I think, to regular chiropractic treatment. Still, there are those mornings when I wake up to find myself feeling a bit more than creaky.

My solution has always been to slather up with one of those heat generating analgesic ointments.  Some minutes later, things begin to loosen and I’m good to go for the rest of the day.

Now, I don’t pretend to understand the chemistry of Dr. Oswald’s concoction, but I’ve found it to be very effective in cutting pain and stiffness. The company claims that a double blind study proved it’s 44%, 105% and 1700% more effective, respectively, than the three leading brands. It’s supposed to be completely natural and perfectly safe, free of carcinogens and parabens. I can’t speak a bit to any of that. But I do know that it works very quickly. I also think its not quite as “hot” as other brands I’ve tried—one of which I find uncomfortably so.

Another bonus: its not at all sticky or greasy. The version I used is a gel delivered by a roll-on device of the sort seen in deodorants. It dries nearly instantly, and I had no problems with wetness or staining on my shirts. In fact, I now don’t even bother to take it off to apply. I just reach over and roll it on under the fabric.

MuscleCare was developed by Chiropractor Dr. Chris Oswald as a part of his practice.

This is a nice product—more expensive than household brands, but you may find it worth the money.


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