Dr. Feelgood Putter

I found this surfing the web, and had a couple of thoughts. First of all, this has got to be one of the most unfortunate names for a putter I’ve ever heard. Imagine pulling it out of your bag, when one of your partners asks “Hey, what kind of a putter is that?” And then, you’ve got to say “Its a Feelgood.”

Not good.

Second, I wonder if it’s legal. I was under the impression that putters had to be wider than they are deep.

Still, it’s an interesting variation on where putters seem to be going these days. Put as much mass as possible low and back behind the strike point. Earlier this year, I wrote about a less unfortunately named, and legal, putter using this principle here.


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7 thoughts on “Dr. Feelgood Putter”

  1. The Dr. Feelgood putter does not conform to USGA. There is a legal and simpler way to acheive it’s benefits.
    You will find the perfect solution to the X, Y axis dilemma…  by simply setting your body up on the Y axis to begin with. You not only produce the pendulum stroke naturally, you are also in the perfect position to gauge the putts pace and direction. When you combine that with body’s improved and inherent ability to perform this task automatically from this position,  you have increased the probability of making a perfect putt tremendously.  And it is USGA legal!
    ~Biokinetic tests & analysis documented:
    Dr. Gideon Ariel, Ill. University.

  2. Are ” push putters” legal.? I have a putter made by P-C Golf called a Webster 1. It is best described as a pool bridge type of a putter. I haven’t used it it several years because I couldn’t confirm that it is a legal putter. Your thoughts.


  3. Hard to tell, without seeing the putter, if it’s legal. The act of pushing a ball with any club is not legal so even if the club is approved the technique is probably not.
    ~the Putt Guru

  4. The Dr. Feelgood putter does not conform to USGA, but it is a great putter. In a average golfers hands it will outperform the best putter around. I tell people the name of it all the time and the responce is cool name and can I try it out.

  5. I’d like to try it, anybody want to get rid of one.
    I’m going to Lowes today, get an appropriate sized hammer,  and makeshift my own.
    And, what was the thinking behind making it illeagle?

  6. The Dr. Feelgood putter does not conform to the rule that requires the depth of the head (face to back) does not exceed the distance across the face (from heel to toe)

    ~the Putt Guru


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