Drop Zones At Winged Foot

I’m watching this afternoon’s coverage of the US Open on Tivo, and just saw an interesting bit. This year, when a player’s ball comes up against one of the grandstands, they have two options: play it where it is, or drop it in the nearest circular designated drop zone. In a television interview, USGA Executive Director David Fay said that the angles from the drop zones to the greens are designed so that being there will confer no advantage. Indeed, watching Tiger hit out of one, I decided that I definitely wouldn’t want to be there.

It’s a good change that will surely speed up play and eliminate any ambiguities about where the ball should be.

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1 thought on “Drop Zones At Winged Foot”

  1. Regarding Drop Zones… what is the protocal for establishing Drop Zones on courses where natural hazards create situations where lost balls are common.  The lost balls are also very punitive and time-consuming. 
    Any ideas?


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