Duke Bourbon Review

Duke Bourbon
Duke Bourbon

Duke Bourbon
Grade: C+
Teacher’s Comments: Perfectly serviceable, if overpriced.

I spotted a display of “Duke Bourbon” bottles the other day, and as a huge John Wayne fan, just had to get one.

It turns out to be a perfectly serviceable, but overpriced bourbon. A bottle of Wild Turkey can be had for ten to fifteen dollars cheaper.

I bring up Wild Turkey because rumor has it that Duke Bourbon is actually nothing more than repackaged Wild Turkey. Another says that it is just a blend of spare barrels bought from some big distillery’s overstock.

All of the rumors swirling about this brand are more interesting than the bourbon. In addition to the question of parentage, a little Googling brought up the question of whether or not the distillery named on the bottle actually exists. And the question of the changing label crediting master distiller Jimmy Russell. And then there’s the matter of a legal battle with Duke University.

In the end, I don’t care. I have a bottle of John “Duke” Wayne bourbon.



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