Duval Given Extension

This year, David Duval used a one-time exemption to keep his card for the 2007 season. Unfortunately, he was unable to play for most of the season because he was taking care of his wife, who was having a difficult pregnancy. Mrs. GolfBlogger was on bed rest for months with both of our children, so I know just how trying such a situation can be.

Since he only returned to the Tour a week ago, it was apparent that he wasn’t going to have a chance to win his card back. He hadn’t been practicing and there simply weren’t enough tournaments left for him to get into the top 125. I suggested in a post last week that he should get another chance, based on the assumptions in the Family Leave Act—that worker can take time off to care for a family member without losing their jobs. If Duval had blown out a knee, he would have been given an exemption. So he should get one for a family medical crisis.

The PGA Tour apparently now agrees with The Golf Blogger. They have added “family crisis” to the medical exemption regulation.

Good for them.

It’s also good to hear that Duval’s wife and child are doing fine.

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