Duval Uses One Time Exemption

I don’t know why I find the Golfer Formerly Known As David Duval image so fascinating. It may be that there is just something so primal in the story of a guy who reached for the sun, only to tumble to the sea.

At any rate, in what surely is the last DD update of the year—but more nearly the first of the next—image has decided to use a one-time exemption for being in the top 25 in career earnings to play this upcoming year. If he doesn’t make it back on tour after this season, he will have one more shot—a one time exemption for being in the Top 50 in earnings. Since he is $4 million ahead of the next guy, it’s almost certain that he still will have that trick up his sleeve.

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1 thought on “Duval Uses One Time Exemption”

  1. Interesting.  I didn’t know there was such an exemption.  Personally, I always liked Duval.  You can’t take anything away from the golf he played at his best.  I hope he makes it back to winning form, though I have my doubts.  Good luck to him.


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