DV8 Portable Golf Club Set

Here’s an interesting idea that’s up on KickStarter right now. It’s a set of clubs that uses couplers to switch clubheads between a two-piece shaft. With this, a whole set of clubs can be condensed into a backpack. It seems perfect for travel or for city dwellers or college students with limited space.

My first concern would be that these clubs do not perform as well as a “regular” set. The company’s testing, however, seems to suggest that they hold up against “three leading brands.”

The other is how using these works on the course. Do you just put the pack in the cart? If so, how does it attach? Or is it designed to fit in the basket? If that’s the case, where do you store your beer? For walkers like myself, I suppose that I would slip on the backpack as I go between shots. But that means slipping off the pack, opening the zip cover, putting the old head away, putting the new one on … I’d have to see how it all plays out.

For what it’s worth, Rick Smith likes the idea:

“Whether you travel by subway, bike or sports car, DV8 Sports makes it easier to have your clubs with you, ready to use at any opportunity. That’s important, because the more you practice and play, the better golfer you’ll become and the more fun you’ll have.”

– Rick Smith PGA Tour Instructor

If it all works as advertised, and if there is an answer for the on-course transport and usage questions, I would love to have a set of these.



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2 thoughts on “DV8 Portable Golf Club Set”

  1. Hello

    Thank you for posting about DV8 on your blog.  I am CEO and president of DV8.  You raise some good questions and let me take a swing smile at trying to answer.

    As far as performance, we did test the clubs (with and without couplers) against 3 of the top brands on the robot at Golf Labs. I don’t name them because I don’t like to kiss and tell (given that I’ve worked for 2 of them).  But they are leaders that you and your readers would know very well.  Our 5 iron was as long if not longer than all 3 and the driver, even with couplers, was only 3% shorter than the average. 

    As far as on-course use, we’ll sell a device that hooks to the cart bar that the bag slips onto.  I used one at Trump National in LA on Tuesday and it worked perfect.  No delays, no hassle.  There’s so much time between shots in a group of 2 or 3 other golfers that with head changes taking <3 seconds, no one even notices.  I can tell you this, you’ll never leave a club behind again!  To your question on walkers, this pack is not a walkers bag.  We’re working on some other designs for that.

    Finally, no beer storage at this point.  Sorry about that.  But if you’re riding, you can carry all you want.

    Thanks again for your interest in DV8.



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