EA, Tiger Part Ways

Electronic Arts is not renewing its contract with Tiger Woods for the production of future “Tiger Woods PGA TOUR” video games. Over the fifteen years of the arrangement, EA had sold some $770 million worth of games.

I think everyone who was paying attention saw this coming. In recent years, Tiger has shared the cover with Rory, Rickie and Arnie. The big selling point of the game the last couple of years has been the inclusion of Augusta National.

We’ll never know why the split occurred. Both sides are saying the correct things, and are calling it a mutual decision.

For EA, this may be the opportunity to pay significantly less for a wider variety of young stars, many of whom could have more cachet with the younger generation of video game players. Tiger is, after all, 37 and practically dead by teen standards.

It also is interesting that Tiger’s agent says that he is in talks with another company for video game rights.

“Grand Theft Tiger,” anyone?

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