Early November Golf

Early November Golf at Washtenaw Golf Club
Early November Golf at Washtenaw Golf Club

Early November Golf

There have been many years when snow has blanketed my corner of Michigan by Halloween. This isn’t one of them.

This past Friday, I managed to get in one last after work eighteen at Washtenaw Golf Club before the time shift. From now until March 13, playing nine is all that is in the cards.

Early November Golf at Washtenaw Golf Club Pictured the 18th green and the clubhouse
The eighteenth green and clubhouse at Washtenaw Golf Club

It was a beautiful evening, and a good one to finish on. Even if I don’t get in another eighteen until March, that particular evening will linger in my memory. It was a prime example of what I love about Michigan golf..

The temperature was just above fifty; the air was still; the sun shining. I played in short sleeves and a vest. I even managed to score well with far less than my best swing. I think a golfer has achieved a certain degree of competence when they can still manage to efficiently work around a course with their “B” or “C” game.

So much fun.

A photo gallery from my November Golf round follows

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