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I’ve started reading True Boo —Boo Weekley’s autobiography— and ran across an interesting tidbit:

Seriously, though, there must be something in the water down there in the panhandle of Florida, where I come from, and I ain’t talking about no oil. That’s a while different story and I probably shouldn’t get started on that. Nah, I’m talking about something else in the water. Some sort of magic golf potion or something. ‘cause little East Miton High School down there produced three pro golfers who currently play on the PGA Tour. Heath Slocum, Bubba Watson and I all come from that little school. Oh, and all of us have won at least one championship on the Tour. Like I said, magic golf potion.”

That’s pretty amazing. Weekley, Watson and Slocum. My coach’s heart was aflutter with the thought of being able to field the three at a match. Then I looked up their ages.  Weekley was born in 1973, Slocum in 1974, and Watson in 1978, so Watson wasn’t playing with the previous two. Still, two future pros on the high school golf team at the same time is pretty good.

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