Ecco Hydromax Sport Saddle Golf Shoe Review


Ecco Hydromax Sport Saddle Shoes

Grade: A
Teacher’s Comments: The Eccos would have gotten a higher grade, but they’re hard to find and more expensive than my usual buy.

Back in April, I was shopping for a new pair of golf shoes and finally settled on the FootJoy E Comforts. And that usually would be it for me and shoes for the summer (I get a new pair every year—walking three rounds a week for ten weeks wears them out).

But a couple of weeks later, I was at my friendly neighborhood pro shop when a clerk that I know talked me into trying on pair of Ecco shoes. I wasn’t entirely convinced that they were any better than the E Comforts, but they fit well, and I could always use a second pair … and besides, it would give me something else to review.

And now, almost three months later, the E Comforts are in the garage, and the Eccos are my shoe of choice. The Ecco is simply the best golf shoe I have ever worn. They are flexible, lightweight, cool and durable. And they offer great stability during the swing.

The leather has been treated with Ecco’s patented Hydromax process, which is supposed to make it more waterproof, and at the same time breathable—sort of like a leather GoreTex. A removable shock absorbing insole has been constructed of moisture absorbing and odor resisting materials. You can get replacement insoles if you need them.

The leather also holds its color remarkably well. I’ve walked at least two dozen rounds with them, and have yet to polish them. After a round, I just wipe them off and they look good as new. In fact, the look is so good, I’m almost afraid to ruin it by applying polish.

I am impressed with their durability. Ecco points out that—unlike other shoes—theirs do not depend up on glue to hold them together. Instead, the outsole and uppers are bonded via low-pressure injection of PU. Ecco says that this helps with shock absorbtion, creates a watertight seal and eliminates the “most common causes of shoe failure — glue coming “unstuck” because of time, wear or weather conditions.” After all those miles, they don’t show a hint of wear.

The soles are interesting. They’re clear—or at least clear to a certain depth. They also have a lot of traction points in addition to the fast twist cleats.

Most importantly, the shoe’s design fits my foot shape perfectly. They’re a bit more narrow through the heels and wider through the toe box (like the E Comfort). I like a shoe where you can wiggle your toes a bit without having it slip and slide all up and down your heels.

As a side note, when I was trying on Eccos, I also tried on a couple of their other models, and they all were good fits. If they’re all as well constructed as the Sport Saddle, they’re all winners.

In the face of the FootJoy – Nike shoe juggernaut, Eccos are aoing to be a little harder to find. But you should find it worth your while.

5 thoughts on “Ecco Hydromax Sport Saddle Golf Shoe Review”

  1. I have been so far purchasing either Footjoy or Adidas Golf Shoes. This year hearing about the reputation of Ecco, I decided to buy the BLACK ECCO HYDROMAX II VELCRO GOLF SHOES SIZE 44 on 31/1/09.

    I thought Ecco were the best on the market and supposedly the most comfortable. I am sorry to say this has not been my experience. To be totally honest they seem to be the most uncomfortable shoe I have ever bought. I have developed a corn in my right foot with the cleat pressing against it and developed rough skin around the edges of my feet. I then decided to put in a foam insert to soften the shoe and this did not work. I thewn added a second insert to try and make it more comfortable. Alas another failure and more money down the drain!

    I played a round of golf today and by the 15th hole I could not walk properly and completed the round in some pain in my feet. After the round I went into a local retailer and purchased a new pair of Footjoy shoes and can only say what a relief.

    I bought ECCO based on the reputation for the first time and can only express my severe dissapountment and pain in buying these shoes.

    Ecco Customer Services is totally useless and most unhelpful! Ecco do not justify their reputation.


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