Eco-Friendly Golf Balls?

A company called Dixon Golf has released what it claims is the first “eco-friendly” golf ball.

The “Earth” apparently does not contain heavy-metal materials like tungsten, cobalt and lead, or non-renewable synthetic materials and compounds. Instead, it’s made from a proprietary polymer that can be recycled and used to make other consumer products. The ball’s packaging also is made from recycled material.

The company contends that the ball is as good as any two piece competitor, and better even than some three piece balls.

All for a mere $39 a dozen.

I’m all for reducing product waste, but I wonder about how many golfers would pay $40 for a two piece ball from an unknown company. I also wonder what kind of an impact an “environmentally friendly” ball actually would have on the environment. It strikes me that eco-conscious golfers would be better served convincing their local clubs to use less chemicals and water on fairways, greens and rough.

And EVERY golfer could do their part by walking more. Those carts—electric or gas—consume energy that could be better used elsewhere.

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