Electric Heated Vest

    Electric Heated Vest

    Extend your golf season with this heated golf vest. I have a similar model and think it is terrific. I can wear the vest and a lighter winter jacket and I am as toasty as I could wish. This model features:

    • COMBINATION OF LIVING HABIT AND HIGH-TECH: 5V power, which could be safer and offer sufficient power to heat (use your own power bank or extra-purchase power bank).
    • SLEEK DESIGNS LIKE A TAILOR MADE OUTDOOR GARMENT: Allow total freedom of four-size adjustment at yours will and never worry about bulky vests. Great designs like a tailor made outdoor gear.
    • HEAT ACROSS BODY: 3 carbon fiber heating elements generate and trap heat across core body areas (right chest, left chest and mid-back); High, Medium, Low heat settings change level of warmth with the push of a switch.
    • EXTREME LIGHTWEIGHT AND COSY FOR OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES: Durable, water-resistant on outside makes the vest water and wind resistance; interior has light insulation to keep heat in and comfort level high.
    • EASY CARE: Durable fabric and carbon fiber heating elements are completely safe for hand wash and machine wash.
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