Electric Cars Are Already Here

What’s the big deal about electric cars, like the upcoming Chevrolet Volt? Golfers have been using them for years. You can get 20 miles in a golf cart on a ten hour charge.

Now, it seems that golf carts are becoming “street legal” vehicles in a number of towns. Currently, 26 states allow the use of golf cars on local streets.

2 thoughts on “Electric Cars Are Already Here”

  1. Recently, our club enacted rules which allow for private carts.  I had not thought, since I am 5 miles from the course that it would be of benefit for me, but I may have to check into this.

    I have been wondering about trailering my bag and push cart behind my bike, probably on another trailer, but am also considering fashioning some sort of bag trailer which I could then just use on the course (on the path I suppose, as even in dry conditions, they probably don’t want a mountain bike on the course).


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