Electronic Arts Tiger Woods Game Ad Banned

From the Get A Life Department comes the news that British Authorities have banned a television ad for the Tiger Woods Wii game because the image shown actually was from an X-Box 360.

From Wired:

The British Advertising Standards Agency has banned a series of television ads for Electronic Arts’ Tiger Woods ‘09, claiming the spots could mislead consumers with their combination of footage from multiple platforms, reports Edge.

Key to the issue is a segment of the ads in which Woods is seen swinging a Wiimote while footage from the Xbox 360 version of the game mimics his actions. EA claims that footage from the Wii version of the game would not be “broadcast quality” and that no gameplay features shown in the ad are left out of the Wii version.

I asked Thing One about the issue, and with the confidence that only a thirteen-year-old could have about a video game, he assures me that it’s a big deal because the 360 has better graphics, but the Wii has better gameplay.

Silly me. I was sure the issue had about as much substance as the age-old “Batman versus Superman in a fight” argument. After all, I’m perfectly happy with the Tiger Woods PGA game I play on my cell phone. Being old enough to remember Pong when it first came out, any graphics more complex than a Sears Intellivison impress me.



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1 thought on “Electronic Arts Tiger Woods Game Ad Banned”

  1. I must disagree on this one as it is out and out false advertising.  There are no two ways about it, you can’t show images of one game online and then sell consumers something else.

    By the same token, when I see unlocking “NIKE” gear I am equally irked that their gear is hidden in the game despite them being tiger’s largest sponsor.

    The whole advertising/sponsorships ingame and how these platforms go about bringing thier stuff to market is a little alarming.  But business is business!!


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